And I woke up to this…

And I woke up to this…

Aug 1, 2015

Didn’t realize that I had lately traded off the exuberance of gazing out the window to the comfort of an aisle seat.  Perks of a window seat indeed!

Enroute to NJNJ flight landed on time, quick break at Jersey city before we headed to Rome, felt glad to catch up with Netu & family. Also got to enjoy a refreshing walk across the marina, boba teas and biryanis for lunch!

Few camera clicks and safe journey greetings later, we were at the airport gate, giggling our heart out on our proficiency in the Italian language that we ended up with teary-eyes and belly aches. The gentleman sitting next to us couldn’t help commenting that you girls seem to very happy!!

And we were all set finally!!

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