First things first!

First things first!

Between April 15th and today, I’ve drafted this post in my mind an untold times, but never really got to actually pen it down as I am doing so now.

I had signed up for Start-a-Blog challenge a while back, it was meant to be a 7 day challenge with daily writing prompts. I knew this was coming, but still dreaded it nevertheless, the first prompt:
Then here’s your first writing prompt: Tell us your story!

Write a few sentences about your story/background, why you decided to start a blog and what you hope to get out of it. Add in something unique and interesting from your story too!

Why should I possibly dread this? But I did. And as the days wore on, my reluctance at not being able to post this prevented me from even drafting one, the excitement waned, and the challenge was long lost. Of course there was no cause for reluctance; I already had a writing habit though not necessarily a daily one, I’d collated feedback from certain close friends, I had already covered some ground.  But writing to blog, even a private one at it, isn’t my comfort zone, I was mired by some inexplicable vulnerability.


And that’s why I had decided to take up the challenge head-on, to beat my akrasia. I am a firm believer in meaningful connections, parallels that lure you to your destiny. These things wouldn’t just let you sleep, they hover around you all the time. I don’t plan to bare my soul out here, but I truly believe I was meant to do this.   I even posted one of my earlier journals to ease myself into the technicalities of blogging. I plan to be in this for the keeps.

I do get it that that there isn’t anything unique or interesting about this, but I am perfectly fine with baby steps. I’ll get there eventually and that’s what matters to me. Here’s to blogging!!

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  1. Cheers babes !! On taking the first baby step towards a journey I hope is filled with laughter and adventure. And needless to say I will always be there a step behind in case you need someone to hold on to for a moment. Proud of you !!

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