It’s a Blue Moon!

It’s a Blue Moon!

July 31, 2015

Clothing, check. Electronics, check. Toiletries, check. Dinner & goodbyes done 🙂 Switched off the lights, locked the house and  had walked to the gate. While waiting for über, I gazed up at the sky and there she was, bright and full – the Moon!

Something about her tonight was very intriguing. I convinced myself that I felt so, not just by her grandeur, but more by my tranquil night.

The driver was affable and small talk wasn’t strained. As we were nearing the highway, I happened to comment that today could be a full moon, he agreed too, ridiculing the driver in the front who was driving in the middle of two lanes, unsure of the north or south of the 101. He attributed this lunacy to the moon, as if LA doesn’t have its share of crazy drivers on every other normal day. I just laughed.

But then, I was already googling tonight’s moon and I was in for a surprise. Today is a Blue Moon!! A full moon for the second time in a month, an occurrence which had last happened in 2012 and not anticipated until 2018.

She was serene, and I somehow felt the quiet transcending to me. Everything’s gonna be fine! Bon voyage to me!!

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