Painting words…

Painting words…

Word painting 1

There she stood, wind beneath her tresses, unhinged by the chaos around her. The prevailing misery wasn’t thundering with battle cries and war wounds, it was afire with greed for happiness, a passionate and prosperous life in their own worlds.

All Anamika wanted is to be left alone in peace with her life. She wasn’t vying for the attention of men, let alone earn the wrath of a jealous woman. Yes, she is aware that she is beautiful, she is indeed grateful to her genes, but she has never ever and never will flaunt it to belittle others or avail it for her advantage.

Snehan is the persevering one in the lot, he is in love with Anamika. He is human enough to understand that his love isn’t unconditional, he is rational enough to know that there is no unconditional love in this world, except for the fleeting window of mother’s love for her toddler and perhaps dogs’ love for its caring owners. He waits for the day when she’d understand, reciprocate and embrace his love. He looks up to her to remind himself of all her goodness and why his wait would be worth it.

Kaman though is in conflicting turmoil. He is well aware that it wouldn’t be a difficult task for him to seduce Irshya, he knew all too well about her attention craving vices, but he is possessed by the uphill endeavor of impressing Anamika and win her, to make her belong to him. He guffaws at Snehan, wondering what he has on him and why Anamika would be inclined to even befriend him.

In another world, maybe they could have been great friends, but not so in this one. Irshya knows she doesn’t lack anything, be it beauty or manners, but the insecurities she shelters doesn’t help her confidence. She isn’t able to comprehend why she feels inadequate in Anamika’s company, she envies her aura. Irshya is indeed sensible enough to reach out to her to open up her doubts, seek clarity and extend friendship, but when the eyes of Snehan and Kaman always dart towards Anamika, all Irshya is left with is jealousy and she hates herself for it.

Anamika is cognizant of the undercurrents among her fellow human beings, she yearns to excuse herself from this misery, but she has nowhere to go, no one to reach out to, not even Snehan, and she feels lonely. Sadly she just doesn’t realize that it is this loneliness of her that allures others to her.

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