There’s always a first time for everything

There’s always a first time for everything

Aug 2, 2015

A 7 hr flight from Newark to Copenhagen, Denmark. All attempts to catch up with the much needed sleep failed. The flight entertainment was cool! ‘The devil wears prada’ can never fail to engage you, no matter how many times you’ve already watched it. Anne Hathaway’s makeover scenes a killer!

Brushing off any concerns on just the 50 minutes transit between Copenhagen and Rome flights, we checked out of their border security. Reality sunk in when cancelled is what we saw as our flight status. Hmm.. The $50 compensation and a nap at the airport lounge settled our 5 hrs delayed plan.

It isn’t the case that I’ve never had flight delays in my life, it is just that company can make all the difference in such situations.  As far as I could recollect, this is the first time I had ever got to sleep with abandon at an airport squeezed within seating chairs. There was Dee to take care of stuff while I shut eye for sometime. Maybe another time, I’ll be able to do it even when I travel alone…we’ll see 🙂

The 2 hr flight to Rome was a breeze. In no time we were at our address, gawking at the beautiful cobbled streets!!

The Airbnb accommodation looked great though tiny. The stark white clean sheets alleviated any nagging fear we had, in spite of the reviews we had already checked out.

The evening stroll at campo di fiori was very relaxing. The place was bustling with lazy tourists, street shows,  pizzas and wine. The evening was all what we were looking forward to and more!

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