Where it all started…

Where it all started…

March 31st, 2016

Am wide awake, overwhelmed by myriad thoughts.

A late evening workout followed by work meetings, has made my body and mind evade sleep. 2 books strewn on the bed for a random read to doze me off weren’t appealing. Groping in the dark in the living room, I ended up drawing ‘The Personal MBA’ and carried it to bed. Spent a good hour on the ‘Working with Yourself’ section of the book, though my initial intentions were to read on ‘Sales’, me being profound and all at midnight. It’s while reading that I realized am going through a phase of mental thrashing and not mid-life crisis. That was of some solace.


While I was at it, I wanted to watch again the Ted talk by Scott Dinsmore, which I had chanced on, a week ago. His speech had resonated so well with me, inspired me to even think about experimenting alternate career options, that I had then made a mental note of googling him later. Tonight I meant business and wanted to sign up for the toolkits in his website. And google had a surprise for me.


I typed Scott Dinsmore and the search options showed death. I was wondering how crazy could it get, but no, it was a fact and I was aghast. Scott Dinsmore had died while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, he was 33. His website is liveyourlegend.net, a befitting one. One should watch the Ted Talk video first to understand what I meant by saying so.


Here I am, thinking about availing the services of a career change strategist, and this man who ventured out to live his dream is no more. Words fall short of describing what am feeling right now. If this isn’t a wakeup call, am not sure what else is.


The trouble is, you think you have time – this is one of Buddha’s quote, could be a fake one, for all I know. Regardless, I feel it is deep. Out of the 356 quotes in my table décor, this is the one I keep referring to often. It is time I stop giving myself excuses, time I set out to do what am meant to do. I may not know it all, I may falter, screw up, and get hurt, many a thing could happen, but I could at least be glad that I tried.

It is 2 AM now, not that am sleepy, but have an early day tomorrow, so wrapping up my soul search for tonight! RIP Scott Dinsmore, I don’t know you as a person, but yours is a story worth telling. And the fact that you had passed away on the day my birthday happens, you are etched in my memory and so is your story.

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